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Metallic Braces

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Metallic Braces

Metallic braces are the type of devices that are installed on teeth in order to align the teeth and to correct the position of your jaw to avoid an uneven bite. If you are noticing any abnormality in the alignment of your teeth. Book an appointment now with Dr. Aiman Zia at Zia Dental Care in order to know that braces are suitable for you or not.

How Braces are Applied

 A girl came to our clinic and our dentist Dr. Aimen Zia decided to apply braces on her teeth and took some pictures and X-Ray images. Impressions of teeth were also taken so that the orthodontist could understand the morphology of her tooth. Then, in the next appointment, First of all, our orthodontist Dr. Faran Farooq inserted a device in her mouth to make it dry and to keep her tongue in place. Then Dr. Faran dried her teeth and then an etchant was applied on her teeth in order to make the surface of her teeth ideal to be bonded easily with the braces. After that, he applied a special adhesive and placed the braces, and that adhesive was then hardened by a curing light, that set the bond between the teeth and braces. After then, o-rings were applied to her braces in order to hold the archwires in their position.  And that was the whole procedure done on that girl in order to apply braces.

Metallic Braces at Zia Dental Care

This is our patient wearing metallic braces. She was having misaligned teeth as a genetic factor. She was very conscious of herself and wanted her teeth to look best so that she can smile confidently. Then, she decided to come to “Zia Dental Care” and here our expert orthodontist Dr. Faran Farooq applied braces on her teeth. In this picture, it was the time when she came to our clinic and our dentists decided to remove her braces. She was so happy and satisfied after seeing her new look.


After the application of braces, we prescribe our patients to wear retainers so that your teeth stay set in their position. The patient is advised to follow up with the dentist after every two weeks so that dentist can check the progress of teeth and make adjustments according to it.
Sometimes patients may feel the pain during the first week after the application of braces which can be reduced by gargling wih lukewarm saltwater. The use of braces wax is also prescribed to the patient in case if the braces are causing irritation to your lips and cheek.

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