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As the Best Female Dentist in Clifton KarachiDr. Aimen Zia is a dedicated professional with an experience of more than a decade, who serves to provide you with the best solutions and recommendations to all your Dental Problems. She is undoubtedly the Best Dental Surgeon in Karachi.

Being the Best 24 Hours Dental Clinic in Clifton Karachi, Zia Dental Care believes to serve our patients with quick and less painful dental procedures and intraoral healthcare for all Dental Problems to meet their expectations with a bright smile.


Team of Professional Dentists in Karachi

Dr. Aimen Zia and her team of Dental Professionals include all experienced and dedicated dentists that work together to serve our patients with a friendly and family-like atmosphere. We work and support each other to provide you Best Dental Treatment in Karachi with a soothing comfortable environment.
Our Clinic is situated in the vicinity of Bath island near 3-Talwar Clifton, KarachiZia Dental Care believes to provide its patients with an affordable and promising treatment to satisfy them with their expectations.
Your beautiful smile is our first priority. Every person has different expectations and our job is to meet their expectations.

Where can you find the Best Dentist in Karachi?

We, the people of Karachi, love to eat. We love to enjoy the soul of the variety of foods available here but have you ever thought about the impact all this food has on our teeth? Yep, you need the Best Dentist in Karachi to fix all that mess going inside your mouth.

Best Dentist in Karachi : How can you spot one?

There are various Dental Clinics and Hospitals in Karachi, there is no doubt about the competition going on between Dentists about who is the Best Dental Clinic in Karachi. I’m sure all this fuss might have you confused about who is the best, right? Don’t worry, I’ll give you some tips on how can you determine which Top Dentist in Karachi is the Best.

Most people look for 24 hours Dental Clinic in Karachi as it’s feasible according to their time and that’s completely okay too. The very first thing you need to look at and inspect in any Dental Clinic irrespective of the time is that if it’s clean or not. No matter how Best and Top the Dentist claim to be, if he can’t keep the clinic clean, he can’t keep your teeth clean either.

People claim that they love their surgeon and that they have the Best Dental Surgeon in Karachi because he listens to them and educates them correctly about their teeth. Yes, this is what your Dental Surgeon in Karachi should possess, he should be a good listener and he should be capable of telling you what’s wrong with your teeth accurately.

Along with all this, if you’re a Dental Doctor who has a good reputation with his staff and his patients, then you can be sure that you have found the Best Dental Doctor in Karachi.

Does the Top Dentist in Karachi work with procedures?

Well, there are different levels of Dental Care Clinics in Karachi, some offer procedures, some just give you consultation. The best part about Dental Clinics in Karachi is that you can find them everywhere, there are a various Top Dentist in all these areas :-

  • Dentist in Karachi Gulshan e Iqbal
  • Dentist in Karachi Gulistan e Jauhar
  • Dentist in Karachi Nazimabad
  • Dentist in DHA Karachi
  • Dentist in Karachi Clifton
  • Dentist in Karachi Malir
  • Dentist in Karachi Saddar
  • Dow dental hospital Karachi
  • Altamash Dental Hospital Karachi
  • Khan Dental Clinic Karachi
  • The Best Dentist in Aga Khan Hospital Karachi
  • Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine Karachi
  • Dow Dental Clinic Karachi
  • The Best Dentist in Clifton Karachi
  • Alvi Dental Hospital Karachi
  • Dentist in Karachi Gulshan e Iqbal

Apart from these areas, there are various Government Dental Hospitals in Karachi. Now, I can’t say if the services and procedure quality of all these places are the same. The best suggestion that I could provide you with is whenever you are looking for a Dentist to perform any surgery or procedure, for example, any Braces or Cosmetic Surgery.

Always make sure to check on the reviews for the Best Dentist in Karachi for Braces.

And Best Cosmetic Dentist in Karachi. Reviews matter a lot, if you spot any review that doesn’t seem right to you then drop the Dentist right away because these procedures can go extremely wrong if your Dentist is not experienced enough.

This is why I recommend all my readers to be extra careful when choosing a Pediatric Dentist in Karachi as there is a separate set of instructions given, separate criteria to be followed by all the Child Dentists in Karachi when it comes to a Child. This is because the jaw and teeth structure of a little human being is way different than a mature one.

What procedures do Dentist Specialists in Karachi Offer?

Any Top Dentist in Karachi will be able to offer you a wide range of procedures including Braces Installation for Crooked Teeth, Bonding for Decayed Teeth, Bridges of Implants, Crowns and Caps, Fillings and repairs, Dentures, Extractions, and, Gum Surgery, etc.

Apart from these procedures, various cosmetic procedures are also offered by the various Dentists in Karachi, especially towards the Clifton side.

But again, before you opt for any kind of surgery through any Clinic or Dentist in Karachi, your first step should be to observe their Clinic, how they talk to you, and their reviews. Never jump into any surgery, first visit them and make sure that they are the kind of Doctor you want to see for your procedure.

Famous Dentist in Karachi, Where can you find one:

There are many Dentists in Karachi, if you open any page, you will be able to find the top 10 Dentists in Karachi, top 20 Dentists in Karachi. Don’t break a sweat and don’t worry a bit, we will let you know about a place where you can find all the procedures at reasonable deals.

It’s no other than Zia dental care, a place where you can find the Best Dentist deals in Karachi. Not just that, they offer 24-hour Dentist Care in Karachi, which means you don’t have to worry about timing when visiting.

One other thing that is worth appreciating about Zia Dental Care is that they have the best-trained staff, exquisite procedures with sterilized and clean equipment. You don’t even have to worry if you need an urgent Dentist available on Sunday in Karachi as we are sure that Zia Dental Care will fix something up for you.

Not just that, they have a range of Male and Female Dentists in Karachi, so that you can be comfortable through every procedure.


Your teeth need the same care as you care for your skin, your smile is your most prized possession and they shouldn’t be ignored at any cost.

Various Dental Care Clinics around Karachi claim to be the best but the one that we have picked for you is Zia Dental Care, a place you can trust blindly when it comes to Dental Services.

Dr. Aimen Zia

Dr. Aimen Zia and her team of Dental Professionals espacially Dr. Tuba, Dr. Faran Farooq, Dr. Zaid Iqbal, Dr. Saad Ahmed, Dr. Mudassir Hussain & Dr. Maria Hussain include all experienced and dedicated dentists that work together to serve our patients with a friendly and family-like atmosphere.
We work and support each other to provide you Best Dental Treatment in Karachi with a soothing comfortable environment.
Our clinic is situated in the vicinity of the Bath island near 3-Talwar Clifton, Karachi.
Zia Dental Care believes to provide its patients with an affordable and promising treatment to satisfy them with their expectations.
Your beautiful smile is our first priority.
Every person has different expectations and our job is to meet their expectations.


Dr. Tuba (11:00am till 04:00pm)

Dr.Aimen Zia (04:00pm till 12:00am)

Dr. Faran Farooq (On Appointment)

Dr. Zaid Iqbal (On Appointment)

Dr, Mudassir Hussain (On Appointment)

D, Maria Mudassir Hussain (On Appointment)


Had wisdom teeth removal from Dr. Aiman Zia. She is the real tooth fairy I must say.. Suffering from the worst toothache ever and all set in just a couple of minutessmile Never thought of that smooth teeth removal. Her professional expertise and concerns for her patients is really appreciated. After 3days Dr.Tuba did my Deep Scaling, Polishing and Root Planning…. Superb Experiencecool

Anna Saad

 had a very good experience with Zia Dental , I have also tried other renowned dentist in Clifton which turned out be worst experience for Root Canal. Had Re-Endo + Root Canal from Zia Dental recently, through out it was pain less and smooth.
Highly Recommended ✌

Farooq Sheikh

I was extremely nervous to visit the dentist having not been in years, Dr. Aimen Zia put me at ease immediately, she was very patient and took the time to explain everything. Under supervision of Dr. Aimen Zia, Dr. Tuba did 3 consecutive pulpectomies of my daughter and  I am very grateful and pleased with my experience to Zia Dental Care and their Professional Team.

Moosa Raza

Dr. Aimen Zia is really good at her job. Not only did she do a great job with my treatment, she patiently listened to what I had to say and also answered every single question I had. She wasn’t trying to rush through the procedure and I left the clinic as a very satisfied patient.

Sanjana Khajurani

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question for us we are just a call away,
you can call our Dental Helpline or text on WhatsApp at (+92)300-227-88-64

Do I need to come early for my first appointment or consultation?

Yes. kindly arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out patient forms.

What should I do if I require pre-medication?

Kindly request a prescription prior to your appointment, or if you not sure, call us and we can explain.

What do I need to bring at my first appointment?

Kindly bring the following along with you at your appointment:

  • Identification such as Driver’s License, CNIC
  • Patient’s Health History
For how long will my first appointment last?

It varies, but you have to plan on 1 to 1.5 hours for the first visit.

Why should I visit the dentist regularly?

It has been noticed that people do not visit a dentist on a regular basis. They only visit when they have a major issue(s). That is known as the crisis treatment VS preventive treatment. Patients assume that they are saving money, but it often ends up costing them more money, time, and as well as their oral health. Many dental problems do not have any kind of symptoms until & unless it starts to hurt them, for an instance, tooth decay, it does not often give you any kind of pain until it gets close to the nerve of the tooth. The dentists can usually detect a cavity way before it becomes a major issue. This early detection can help to prevent root canal treatment.

Why should a dentist recommend to do flossing regularly, isn't brushing enough?

Actually, flossing greatly reduces the number of bacteria in our mouth, millions of these microscopic creatures feeding through food particles that have been left on our teeth. These bacteria live in plaque (home for bacteria) which can only be removed with the help of flossing every day. Only brushing your teeth will only get rid of some of the bacteria in your mouth, whereas flossing gets rid of all those bacteria the toothbrush can’t get to. If you do not floss regularly, you will allow plaque to remain between your teeth. Eventually, it transforms into tartar. Plaque can be removed by brushing. Only your dentist can remove tartar.

How can I get my children to brush their teeth regularly?

If you are regular about brushing your teeth, your children will also be regular. Kids always want to do the things their parents do. If your kids see you brushing your teeth daily, they will follow. Ask the dentist for other ways to get children to brush their teeth regularly.

How teeth can be prevented from cavities?

If you want cavities free healthy teeth then you should follow the following healthy habits,

  • Always spend 2 to 3 minutes in properly brushing your teeth. Just 2 to 3 minutes to get rid of the bacteria that is damaging teeth. Do not brush too hard, just a little pressure is all it takes to remove bacteria and plaque.
  • Flossing regularly, it’s the only way to get rid of the bacteria which can not be removed by brushing.
  • Beware of the sugar you’re consuming. There is sugar in everything from candies to fruits from crackers to chips, that’s the foods, that the bacteria in our mouth like the best. Be careful and try to minimize the consumption of sweet items and remember to brush your teeth afterward.
  • If you aren’t able to brush teeth after a meal, at least make sure to rinse your mouth with water which can help you to remove food from your teeth. Chewing sugarless gum can also help.
  • Always make sure to visit your dentist on regular basis.

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