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Minor Oral Surgeries

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What are minor oral surgeries

Minor oral surgeries include those surgical procedures which can be done by the dental surgeon easily in a short time to treat certain diseases and many other problems related to your oral cavity like tooth extractions, small cyst enucleation, periapical surgeries, apicectomy, pre-prosthetic surgeries, alveoloplasty, small tori removal, etc.

Wisdom tooth extractions

Wisdom tooth extractions are very common as this tooth causes so much pain if present in unhealthy state.
During this minor oral surgery of wisdom tooth removal, local anesthesia is given to the patient and then:
• An incision is made in the gum tissue in order to expose the tooth.
• Then the bone which blocks the access to the tooth root is removed.
• The tooth is then divided into sections, as it is easier to remove it in pieces.
• Then the tooth is removed.
• Sutures are then applied to close the wound.

Complications in minor oral surgeries

There may be some complications in these minor oral surgeries. As in the case of upper wisdom tooth extraction, an oroantral fistula (opening between the maxillary sinus and oral cavity) can be formed as the upper wisdom teeth are situated very close to the sinuses. Other complications include alveolar osteitis, pain, and swelling, limited mouth opening, excessive bleeding, lip numbness, etc.
But don’t worry if you need any minor oral surgery, our very competent and skillful dental surgeons are always here for you at “Zia Dental Care” which is considered as one of the best dental clinics in Karachi where Dr. Aiman Zia and her team provide their patients the best possible treatment in a comfortable environment using advanced techniques and technology.

After a minor oral surgery

After a minor oral surgery, post operative instructions are given which should be followed by the patient in order to heal faster.

Minor oral surgeries in case of pregnancy

In case of pregnancy, a patient is treated with oral surgery only in emergent situations. As physiologic changes occur during pregnancy in order to maintain homeostasis, so care should be taken in doing any surgical procedure of a pregnant patient.


An apicoectomy is a type of minor surgery in which tooth root (apex) is removed along with surrounding cystic inflammation in order to save a tooth.

When it is performed?

When it is performed?
It is performed if:
• the root canal treatment is unsuccessful or not possible
• the infection is so extensive that it cannot be treated through root canal
• tooth root is fractured due to trauma and is causing infection

Before the surgery

Before doing apicectomy, oral X-Rays of the patient are taken. The medical history of the patient is also reviewed and certain medications are also prescribed in order to reduce inflammation.

Surgical procedure

It includes the following steps:
• Gum tissue near the causal tooth is opened.
• The underlying bone is then exposed in order to remove inflamed or infected tissue.
• The dental surgeon will then remove the root of your tooth.
• The root is then sealed at the end of the root canal by placing a small filling.
• The wound is then closed by sutures in order to heal properly.
Apicoectomy should be performed by an expert dental surgeon. “Zia Dental Care” provides you the best possible and satisfactory treatment by the expert and most skillful dental surgeons.

After the surgery

The sutures may get dissolved by themselves or they may need to be removed after two to seven days of surgery. You may feel soreness and swelling which is usually gone after two weeks.


What is alveoloplasty

It is a minor surgical procedure which is done at the time of tooth extraction in order to contour the jaw bone of patients within the sockets of teeth. It can be done after the extraction of a tooth or after when a tooth is lost.

Why it is needed

Alveoloplasty is performed to prepare the patient’s mouth for a comfortable dental implant or denture. It improves the stability of prosthesis and reduces the complications of dentures.

Surgical procedure

Local anesthesia is given to the patient and then:
• An incision is made in the gum tissue and the tissue flap is reflected in order to expose the underlying bone.
• The bone is then trimmed using files, dental pliers, and dental drills.
• Smoothness of the bone is then checked and if any rough area is found, it will be further smoothed out using a bone file.
• The surgical site is then flushed with a saline solution in order to remove any remaining debris.
• The tissue flaps are then positioned back into place with sutures.

Contraindications of alveoloplasty

In case if the patient does not need the bone to be removed or recontoured, then in such cases, alveoloplasty is contraindicated. It is also contraindicated in case if the removal of bone would harm vital structures and also if the patient has undergone radiation therapy to the head and neck. So, it is necessary for a dentist to take the medical history of the patient.
Alveoloplasty should be performed by an expert and experienced dental surgeon. Our expert dentists Dr. Aiman Zia and her team provide their patients with the best possible treatment using advanced techniques and technology at “ Zia Dental Care”.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are minor oral surgeries painful

There is no pain during the surgery as it is carried out under the effect of anesthesia. You might feel so much pain for two to three days after the surgery. Medications are prescribed to the patient to overcome the postoperative pain.

What is the duration of minor oral surgeries?

Well, it depends on the type of oral surgery. Usually, minor oral surgery takes 45 to 90 minutes to be performed by a dentist.

Is swelling normal after the surgery

Yes, swelling of the face is quite normal during the first 48 to 72 hours. You can apply ice packs for a soothing effect.

When a wisdom tooth needs to be pulled?

When your wisdom tooth is causing dental problems or damaging the neighboring teeth, it needs to be removed.

How long will it take to recover after a minor oral surgery?

Generally, a patient is recommended to rest for 2 to 3 days after the surgery. After that, a patient is able to return to a normal routine.

How to speed up healing process after an oral surgery?

Rest at home and avoid physical activities. You can apply ice packs to the affected area of the face. Eat soft foods and take your medicines regularly. Maintain oral hygiene and follow the suggestions of your dentist.

Can a patient brush hisher teeth before an oral surgery?

You should definitely brush your teeth prior to the surgery in order to maintain oral hygiene.

Which type of anesthesia is given to the patient before a minor oral surgery?

Normally, local anaesthesia is given to a patient before minor oral surgery. In some rare cases, general anesthesia is also given.
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