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 Gum Lifting & Contouring 

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Don’t like your smile? Are you worried about your gummy smile? Do you put your hand on your mouth whenever you smile to hide your unpleasant gummy smile? If you are one of those people then don’t worry because Zia Dental Care is always here to solve all your dental problems whether they are cosmetic, orthodontic or any other. Our expert dentists can fix your smile by doing the procedure of gum lifting which can make you smile bigger and confidently.

A patient at Zia Dental Care:

Fixing gummy smiles

This is a picture of our patient. She was having this gummy smile as a genetic factor. She told us that she didn’t like her smile and felt very bad laughing in public which also made her less confident. Our expert dentist “Dr. Aiman Zia” suggested her gum lifting treatment as a solution for her problem.

During her gum lifting surgery, our dentist gave her local anesthesia in order to avoid any sort of pain during the surgery. Our dentist used laser light in order to trim her excess gum tissues.

This is the picture of our patient before and after the gum lifting surgery.

We cannot explain the happiness of our patient in words when she saw her smile after the surgery and she told us that she was so much satisfied with her new look.


Side effects of gum lifting:

 You may feel some pain after the gum lifting surgery which will go away after a few days. Some people also complain that they are having sensitivity issues while having something hot or cold so our dentists recommend taking soft foods for 2 to 3 days after the surgery.

Healing time for gums:

Recovery after gum lifting surgery:

It may take a week or a few days for your gums to heal completely after the gum lifting surgery. You will be given some specific directions by our dentist in order to speed up the recovery process.

Cost of gum lifting surgery:

The cost of gum lifting may vary in each individual as it depends on the amount of gum tissue to be removed.

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