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Best Female Dentist For Veneers in Karachi


  • Veneers are thin shells made of tooth-colored material, such as porcelain or composite resin, that are placed over the front surface of the teeth to improve their appearance.
  • They are commonly used to correct cosmetic dental issues such as:
  1. Chipped or broken teeth
  2. Discoloration or staining
  3. Crooked or misshapen teeth
  4. Gaps between teeth
  • The process of getting veneers typically involves two or more dental appointments.
  • During the first appointment, the dentist will prepare the teeth by removing a small amount of enamel to make room for the veneers.
  • Then, an impression of the teeth will be taken and sent to a dental lab where the veneers will be custom-made.
  • During the second appointment, the dentist will place the veneers on the prepared teeth and make any necessary adjustments to ensure a proper fit.
  • The veneers will then be bonded to the teeth using a special dental adhesive.
  • Veneers are a popular cosmetic dental option because they can provide an immediate improvement in the appearance of the teeth.
  • They are also durable and can last for many years with proper care, including regular dental checkups and cleanings.
  • However, it is important to discuss the risks and benefits of the procedure with a dentist to determine if veneers are the best option for a particular patient.
best female dentist for zirconium veneers in karachi

Are you worried that your smile is not as aesthetically pleasing as others have, or is your smile the reason why people weird out when you laugh? 

  • They upgrade your smile instantly.
  • They are available in ceramic and porcelain types.
  • They look precisely like teeth.
  • You won’t have any difficulty in carrying out your daily tasks like eating or drinking.
  • They support your original teeth and make sure your teeth don’t get more damaged over time.
  • They are easy to maintain and clean.
  • Porcelain veneers are the best veneers, and people like to switch up the types as they please. This is because it’s easy; the whole procedure is not invasive, which means that you don’t have to worry about undergoing any pain.
  • A complete set of cosmetic veneers by Dr.Aimen Zia will give you a permanent shine that will last for years without any stains.
  • They last for years, which means no touching up again and again.
  • Veneers are considered the best option to improve your smile intensely in a short period of time.
  • Cosmetic veneers treatment is the most durable and long-lasting as compared to other cosmetic treatments.
  • We use such types of veneers which suit your personality and give you the most natural look.
  • There is no need to take extra care of your veneers except by avoiding so much hard food, but oral hygiene should be maintained to make them more long-lasting. 

Get Veeners now at Zia Dental Care. 

  • Getting veneers are the best solution if you want to upgrade your smile instantly.
  • Luckily there are various Cosmetic Dental Clinics in Karachi, Pakistan, which will help you with this issue.
  • Let us brief you regarding how? It would help if you had teeth veneers or, as some people like to regard it, porcelain veneers.
  • Don’t worry; we will tell you everything regarding the porcelain veneer cost etc. 
  • The magic of you getting beautiful, shiny, and laughable teeth are veneers.
  • Various Best Dental Office near me provides veneer installation services.
What are Veneers?

You don’t need to visit Specialist Dental Care to tell you what veneers are; they are teeth-like structures that go on top of your teeth. They don’t just make your smile aesthetically beautiful but also protect your already damaged teeth from getting further damaged.

But let me tell you something significant, not all Dental Clinics in Karachi can help you with the perfect installation of veneers; you need a Top-Rated Cosmetic Dentist to help you with them. But that’s not an issue because Zia Dental Care offers the best veneer installation services in Karachi, Pakistan!


If you have gaps between your teeth or stains on your teeth or any other sort of misshapen teeth affecting your smile, don’t worry because veneers can solve your problem by correcting the cosmetics of your teeth.

Dr. Aimen Zia offers the best quality veneers that will give you a natural look to smile confidently. If you ever need any cosmetic treatment, Zia Dental Care is always here to welcome you and would feel honored to provide you the perfect and proud smile.

So, book an appointment today at “Zia Dental Care” with our best professional dentists to see whether veneers are right for you or not.


Cosmetic Veneers Treatment at “Zia Dental Care.”

This is our patient. She has spent very little attention on her teeth due to her busy routine and spent most of her time taking care of others. Then, the time came when her wedding day was so near, and she wanted it to be perfect, but how would it be perfect with her imperfect smile? So, she decided to come to “Zia Dental Care” so that we could genuinely fix her smile with some gorgeous zirconia veneers. We tried our best to give her the most natural look by applying the type of veneers which were matching her skin tone and personality. Now, she is so happy and satisfied with her new look to enjoy her special day with a gorgeous smile.

How to know if you need Veneers?

Composite veneers or temporary veneers are both high in cost, but they are worth it. Still, you should assess if you are the right person getting veneers; let us tell you how you will determine that.

  • Instant veneers or instant smile veneers will take care of and hide any broken or chipped teeth. Yes, there can be times when you broke or damaged your teeth to the extent that they can’t be repaired anymore. not to worry if you are one of those people because affordable and temporary veneers can fix that issue.
  • Almost all of us have coffee, tea, caffeine, and most of us smoke too. Can we let our teeth define our life choices? Certainly not. This is why you should get Lumineers veneers or cosmetic veneers, and they are perfect when it comes to hiding stained or discolored teeth. Yes, these front teeth veneers will also work perfectly if you have discolored gray teeth after falling.
  • You need Hollywood-style veneers if your pre-veneer teeth are misshapen, crooked or not aesthetically pleasing. You can come by and talk to a top dental care doctor. Dr. Aimen Zia about the other options you can opt for if you have the crooked teeth situation, but the best and quickest solution is getting affordable veneers near me.
  • Teeth also age; like any other part of our body, the age factor can also be why your teeth are getting worn out. Ultra-thin veneers for small teeth can fix that issue in a jiffy. It will hide all the imperfections, and it won’t be hard on your gums too. Get the front and bottom teeth veneers now by Zia Dental Care and forget about your teeth-related worries.
  • If you want a healthy smile, then search for porcelain veneers near me right away, and it will land you to us! Teeth whitening can be hectic, right? No matter how many whitening products we try, it just doesn’t work; not to worry, temporary or permanent veneers can solve that issue and get you a dashing and hearty smile for years to come.
  • You can get false veeners if you have false teeth, which means gaps between your teeth. Bonding veeners are also an excellent option for gaps between your teeth, but again, perfect teeth veneers are by far the quickest way.
  • Finally, you can get porcelain veneers in the UK if you are just not happy with how your smile looks, and it’s beautiful; we are all insecure about something or the other. After getting the correct info about types of veneers and cost by Zia Dental Care, you can come in for the procedure whenever you want.

Speaking about the procedure, there are various misconceptions about how a veneer installation procedure lets us educate you and clear your queries.


Veneers Treatment Procedure

We will educate you all about how easy smile veneers are installed and their aftercare.

  • If you are looking for same-day veeners near me, your first step should be visiting us, Zia Dental Care. Before moving on to veneer teeth filling or shaving teeth for veeners, our doctors will consult you and have you undergo a detailed checkup. Once that is done, and your medical history is discussed, we will move forward.
  • For you to have a perfect veneer smile, your doctor will conduct a series of X-rays and tests such as impressions to see what kind and type of veneers you need.
  • Then the cost of one veneer and type will be discussed with you, and a can choose from zircon to porcelain, whatever your teeth need.
  • Now your veneer specialist near me will ask if you need removable dental veeners or temporary ones, up to your need and choice. You can opt for traditional veneers or modern veneers.
  • Once everything is decided, now is the time to wait. Meanwhile your wait, your dentist will take on multiple tries and make sure you get the right kind of veneer installed.
  • When it’s the day of your procedure, your dentist will shave down enamel from your teeth for a perfect fit.
  • Then he will put veneer cement on your teeth for a perfect mold, and you will get temporary veneers that day.
  • After that, you will be called for checkups and appointments, and these appointments will make sure that you get your permanent mold perfect.

Now that you have your best temporary or permanent veneers, let us get into some aftercare.

The Aftercare of Veneers.

It doesn’t matter if you got upper or lower veneers or just a single tooth veneer; you have to follow up with proper aftercare. Small or thin veneers for teeth are installed with care and consideration, and yes, it will take you a little while to get used to them.

This is because before installing the cosmetic porcelain veneers, your doctor will shave off your enamel, which means that your original teeth are now naked. They have no coat over them; you will feel sensitivity to cold and hot substances in your teeth for a while, but it will go away soon.

Other than that, there is no downtime to a perfect veneer smile! Let’s get into some proper aftercare now.

  • The average price for veneers per tooth is not less, and you need to make sure to have the proper aftercare, or else your veneers will come into a replaceable condition very soon.
  • Flossing and brushing twice a day should never be ignored after you get dental cosmetic veneers. This is because your veneers can get discolored, and you still can get a cavity in your original teeth.
  • You should avoid habits that can stain your veneers.
  • Make sure that you cleaned and mouthwash them regularly.
  • Consuming ice and eating or biting on your nail can also damage your veneers.
  • Not to forget, don’t try to consume something complex that can result in a broken or chipped veneer. 

Cost & Long Lastingness of Veneers

Veneers can be long-lasting for approximately ten to fifteen years if you take good care of your oral hygiene, including regular brushing and flossing. Hard foods should be avoided to keep your veneers for a long time, and you should visit our Dentist every six months for your oral examination to maintain your oral health.
The cost of cosmetic veneers treatment depends on your oral health and the no. of teeth selected for the treatment.

Are Veneers in Pakistan Affordable?

Veneers are indeed a one-time investment, but how much do veneers cost in Karachi? Don’t worry; we will tell you the updated prices of how much veneers cost in Karachi 2020-2021. The prices may vary depending on the area and the clinic; for example, the price might differ in healthy smiles Dental Clinics and Family Dental Clinics.

The average cost of veneer in Pakistan is 80,000 to 120,000 or more; it depends on the number of teeth you want to be installed in your jaw. Now, the cost of veneers in Karachi isn’t much, overlooking that they can last up to 10 years without Anu trouble, but the real issue here is the place you get this dental cosmetic surgery from.

How long does it take to whiten teeth?

When it comes to teeth whitening, it is important to understand that the amount of teeth whitening depends on the amount of strain on the teeth. Professional teeth whitening treatment typically takes three to four weeks. Firstly the Dentist at our clinic makes the mouthguard using impressions to ensure that the teeth whitening solution covers all the teeth and don‘t miss out any spots. Once the treatment begins, it will involve regularly applying the whitening product over your teeth in a time frame of two to four weeks. The amount of application can depend on the amount of stain. Mostly, these treatment sessions last for roughly 30 minutes to one hour at a time. The alternative to dentist-created whitening trays and solutions is to visit our clinic for in-clinic treatment. We can usually complete an in-clinic treatment in one or two visits and produce results within a matter of hours.

How long does the teeth whitening effects last?

Well, it all depends on you that how long your teeth whitening lasts. It is not a permanent treatment. If you expose your teeth to foods and drinks that cause staining you may be needing another teeth whitening treatment. Avoiding smoking, tea, and coffee – all of which causes staining can help your teeth whitening last one year or longer.

Does teeth whitening procedure damages the tooth enamel?

Teeth whitening does not have any damage to the tooth surface. Studies have shown that teeth whitening does not cause any permanent damage to enamel or any other tooth structure.

Is tooth bleaching safe?

Yes, teeth whitening is safe as it is proved by many studies. To our knowledge according to research teeth whitening with a 10% bleaching solution shows no structural changes to the tooth surface and by the literature, bleaching doesn’t have any irreversible damage to the teeth.

What are the side effects of teeth whitening?

All bleaching gel causes some degree of tooth sensitivity. This is sensitivity to cold/hot fluids and even air can cause discomfort. This is normal and an expected side effect. Some of the bleaching gel contain desensitizing agents that trigger post bleaching sensitivity. All bleaching causes tooth sensitivity and we recommend you to either discontinue use for a few days and the sensitivity will dissipate within 24-48 hrs. Don’t be concerned as bleaching does not need to be done consecutively. You will get to the same whitening point, it will just take a little longer.

How much does the teeth whitening procedure costs?

The cost of teeth whitening procedures varies depending on the services you desire. Custom take-home trays and bleach is the least expensive in most cases because it does not require any special equipment or materials. In-office whitening costs more because it requires professional staff, materials, and equipment to perform the procedure, however, the results are immediate and effective!

Does the teeth whitening treatment works on dentures or veneers?

Tooth whitening has little or no effect on restorative materials such as porcelain or crowns, but it may temporarily reduce the bond strength between enamel and composite restorations. Whitening does not change the color/shade of dental crowns/bridges or any non-natural tooth restoration.
This is why it’s a good idea to check with our dental professional before beginning any procedure of tooth whitening.

Does the teeth whitening treatment hurts?

Teeth whitening process is generally a painless procedure but it may cause some discomfort due to gingival irritation and gum swelling.
This swelling usually subsides with time with the use of over the counter painkillers and following aftercare instructions properly.

Who should use a teeth whitening treatment?

The best candidates for professional teeth whitening have good overall dental health but would like to remove tooth stains and general discoloration from the surface of their teeth. They need to have realistic expectations of what teeth whitening can accomplish and understand the possible temporary side effects such as sensitivity.

Is teeth whitening procedure safe in pregnancy?

Although the answer is still unclear dentists recommend deferring every kind of dental treatment in pregnancy.
During pregnancy and fertility treatments, women should wait until after they’re no longer pregnant to begin or continue as bleaching agents may cause harm to the developing baby.





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