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Best Female Dentist For Tooth Jewelry in Karachi

Tooth Jewelry

  • Tooth jewelry, also known as dental jewelry, is a type of cosmetic dental procedure in which small decorative items are attached to the teeth.
  • These items can include diamante, gemstones, and even small gold or silver figures.
  • Tooth jewelry is typically attached to the front teeth, usually the incisors, using a dental adhesive. Some dental jewelry can be temporary, while others are more permanent.
  • The process of attaching tooth jewelry is usually quick and painless, although some people may experience some sensitivity after the procedure.
  • Additionally, patients should be aware that the jewelry can potentially cause damage to the tooth if not properly cared for.
  • Dental jewelry is a popular cosmetic option for those who want to add some sparkle to their smile.
  • However, it is important to discuss the risks and benefits of the procedure with a dentist before undergoing tooth jewelry placement to ensure the best possible outcome and to maintain good oral health.
best female dentist for teeth jewelry cost in karachi
Tooth Jewellery

Do you want to make your smile more sparkly? Then try dental cosmetic jewellery.

  • Dental jewellery or tooth jewellery is when you get a diamond or any other stone attached to your teeth.
  • The stone can be of any size according to your preference.
  • The stone can be attached to any of your teeth.
  • You can even get gold or any other type of dental crown as an option for tooth.
Are your Teeth in the Right State to Get Tooth Jewellery?

If you are also thinking of getting a piece of tooth jewellery, you should first make sure if you are the right candidate for it; let us elaborate.

  • Your teeth should be healthy to accept the jewellery.
  • The teeth you choose to get the jewellery on shouldn’t be the ones that underwent any major procedure.
  • Your oral hygiene should be maintained even before getting the tooth jewellery.
  • The jewellery you are getting shouldn’t hinder your oral hygiene after getting it. You should be able to carry out your basic tasks such as brushing or flossing.


How is Tooth Decoration Applied?

Many of you are interested in getting that little twinkle on your teeth, but you are still afraid of the procedure. Don’t worry; let us tell you how things are done at Zia dental care.

Yes, the application of tooth jewellery is a dental procedure and is not something that you should carry out at home as it could have a drastic effect on your teeth. The following steps that we carry out professionally will tell you why.

  • First of all, you decide on what jewel you want and on what teeth.
  • We will then prepare the shape and type of jewel for you and call you after a few days or a week.
  • Before application, your teeth will be isolated; they will be cleaned and dried for a proper stick.
  • Then we will apply orthoposphoric acid on the tooth the jewel would be used on. This will ensure that the jewel stays on properly.
  • The acid will then be cleaned, and the tooth will be dried again.
  • We also apply a curing bond and flow composite to ensure that your teeth remain safe and sound during the procedure.
  • After that, the jewel is picked up carefully and placed on the desired tooth after it is applied.
  • Then we will show the placement to you.
  • If you like the placement and there are no other adjustments, we will move on to curing.
  • The tooth the jewel is applied to will be cured with a blue light to ensure a perfect bond.

The whole procedure itself is straightforward, fun and not complicated at all, but yes, there can be complications if a dentist, such as do not carry out the process,

  • Your jewellery can be lost if not handled with professional care.
  • You can get irritated around your lips and tongue with the application of the wrong adhesive.
  • If the tooth that the jewellery will be applied on is not strong enough, it can be chipped or permanently broken.
  • If you don’t visit the dentist and decide on the jewellery’s size according to your tooth, it could also damage your tooth with its weight.
Best Parts About Getting a Piece of Tooth Jewelry?

Let us tell you a bright side of getting tooth jewellery and lighten the mood,

  • Tooth jewellery is temporary; yes, you can get it removed if you want to change it as you please.
  • Getting your tooth jewellery installed is one of the dental procedures that involve not even 1% pain anywhere. Yes, it’s wholly painless and safe.
  • If you are worried that tooth jewellery will damage your enamel, then no, if you get it done by a professional, it won’t damage your enamel or tooth.
  • Installing a piece of tooth jewellery requires no drilling or holes, just some adhesive, and you are good to go.
  • Not to forget that at last, the whole procedure is enjoyable to go through, and you get a twinkly tooth at the end! A win-win situation.
How long will my Tooth Jewelry Adhere to my Tooth?

Your tooth jewelry can go from six months to a couple of years. Your Tooth Jewellery will stay on between this time for as long as you want it until you plan to remove it.

Will you feel the Tooth Jewellery on your Tooth, and will it Disturb You?

It depends on the size. Most of the tooth pieces of jewellery are very tiny, and they won’t disturb your daily activities. You might feel a new addition for a couple of days, but you will get used to it after that.

Can the Jewellery Fall Off?

Yes, it can, but there are exceptions to this case. It can happen if a lot of force is applied to it or if you went to a foul dentist for your procedure but don’t worry, these pieces of jewellery are not sharp, and they will be out the usual way.

What Kind of Brush Should I Use After Getting the Jewellery?

Please use soft bristles and a non-electric brush.

Will the Jewellery affect your Routine Dental Checkups or Cleaning?

No, it won’t.

Why choose Zia Dental Care for your jewellery installation?

No doubt, installing jewellery is a straightforward procedure, but it should be done with care and professionalism. Here at Zia Dental Care, you will find the best female dentist in Karachi, Dr. Aimen Zia; she will ensure that your procedure is done professionally with the proper care and precautions taken.

So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment now and get beautiful sparkly teeth.





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