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Best Female Dentist For Root Canal Treatment in Karachi

Root Canal Treatment

  • Endodontic treatment is commonly known as a Root canal treatment saves infected teeth, alleviates pain, and restores oral health.
  • Trust expert dentists for comfortable and successful root canal therapy.
  • It is performed when the soft tissue (pulp) inside the tooth becomes infected or inflamed, often due to deep decay, a crack in the tooth, or injury.

“Preserve Your Tooth with Cost-Effective Root Canal”

  • Root Canal is the Last option to save your tooth
  • Root Canal is the Cost-effective and efficient
  • No bone loss during Root Canal because your real tooth is present inside bone
  • Root Canal is Virtually pain-free
  • Root Canal Stop the spread of infection
  • Root Canal is Less painful than a tooth extraction
  • Healing time of Root Canal Surgery is less
  • Root Canal is the More affordable alternative to replacing a tooth with an implant
  • Crown after the root canal surgery is more cosmetically or aesthetically appealing

The steps of a root canal treatment include:

  1. Anesthesia: The dentist will numb the tooth and surrounding area to reduce discomfort during the procedure.
  2. Access: The dentist will make a small opening in the top of the tooth to access the pulp.
  3. Cleaning: The dentist will remove the infected or inflamed pulp and clean the inside of the tooth to remove any debris.
  4. Filling: The dentist will fill the inside of the tooth with a material called gutta-percha to prevent reinfection and to help preserve the tooth’s structure.
  5. Sealing: The dentist will place a filling or crown over the top of the tooth to protect it and restore its appearance and function.
  • After the procedure, the patient may experience some discomfort and sensitivity, but this should subside within a few days.
  • Proper oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups can help ensure the longevity of the restored tooth.
  • Root canal treatment is a common and effective way to save a damaged or infected tooth and prevent the need for more extensive treatments such as tooth extraction.
  • Patients should discuss their options with their dentist and follow proper care instructions to ensure the best possible outcome.

How you can find the best dentist for root canal treatment?

  • The success of a root canal treatment depends on several factors, including the training, experience, and expertise of the dentist.
  • The quality of materials used and the patient’s comfort and trust in the dentist.
  • Finding the best root canal dentist near you is important for maintaining good oral health. Using the “best dentist near me” or “best dental clinic near me” search term can help you find a dentist who has a good reputation and offers the services you need.
  • You can also search for “best endodontist near me”. An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in treating the pulp and nerves of the teeth.
  • Endodontists are trained to perform root canal treatments and other procedures related to the inner tooth.
  • In conclusion, finding a dental clinic with a top-notch team of root canal specialists or endodontists can be a challenging task, but taking the time to research the clinic, verify their credentials, and schedule a consultation can help you make an informed decision.

Root Canal Treatment Price in Karachi:

  • The cost of root canal procedures in Karachi can vary depending on several factors such as the experience of the dentist, the location of the dental clinic, and the type of materials used.
  • On average, a root canal treatment price in Pakistan can range from 15,000 to 50,000 PKR.
  • However, it’s essential to keep in mind that this is just an estimate, and the actual cost may be higher or lower.
  • It’s essential to choose a reputable and experienced dentist to perform the root canal treatment to ensure the best possible outcome.
  • It’s also a good idea to discuss the costs with the dentist beforehand to avoid any unexpected expenses.
  • Keep in mind that investing in a quality root canal treatment can save you money in the long run by preventing the need for more extensive and costly dental procedures.
  • In conclusion, the cost of root canal treatment in Karachi can vary, but on average, root canal surgery cost can range from 15,000 to 40,000 PKR, whereas root canal cost with crown can range from 40,000 to 120,000 depends on the crown selection.
  • To ensure the best possible outcome, it’s essential to choose a reputable and experienced dentist and discuss the costs beforehand.
best female dentist for root canal treatment cost in karachi
What is a root canal?
  • A root canal is a dental procedure that is used to prevent the loss of a tooth and relieve pain.
  • When the pulp gets infected, a root canal is necessary in order to prevent its spread to the bone.
  • Your tooth’s root canals are cleaned and the infected pulp is removed.
  • The tooth is later sealed to prevent bacteria to reinfect.
Is Root Canal Treatment painful?

It’s just a misconception that root canal treatment is painful. Modern dentistry had made this procedure painless. Local anesthetic makes your tooth and jaw numb therefore when your infected pulp is removed, you don’t feel the pain sensation.
But once ten local anesthesia wears off, you may feel discomfort which can be managed by over-the-counter painkillers such as Paracetamol and Ibuprofen.

If I'm not having a tooth ache is it necessary that I need a root canal?

Root canal treatment is not necessary only if you have pain. Sometimes you don’t experience any sort of discomfort because the tooth of your pulp is dead. A root canal is done in order to disinfect your tooth’s root canal and prevent the spread of infection. Just because your tooth stopped hurting does not mean it is no longer infected.

If I don't go for a root canal treatment, what other options do I have?

Sharp throbbing pain in your tooth is a dental emergency that needs to be treated as soon as possible. If you delay the treatment, it can turn into an abscess, spreading the infection to the underlying bone. You don’t have any other option at this moment and you need to get your tooth extracted.
The leftover space can be covered with a bridge or an implant.

Is the procedure expensive?

Saving your tooth through a root canal treatment is less expensive than other alternatives. When you get your tooth extracted, the left over space is filled by a bridge or an implant which is generally more expensive.

Will I loose my tooth?

This depends on the severity of your problem. If the damage or the infection is severe and cannot be treated with the root canal procedure, your dentist may suggest you get it extracted. But if the infection hasn’t spread to the bone and it is possible to remove the pulp, you’ll be advised to go for a root canal treatment to save your tooth.

What should I expect after a root canal?

After you’re done with the procedure, you may experience some sort of discomfort and tenderness that subsides with time.
The dentist will prescribe you over the counter painkillers and antibiotics to ensure proper healing. Follow the aftercare instructions properly so that your tooth heals on time. If you still experience any pain and tenderness that worsens with time, contact your dentist.

Root canal treatment causes illness?

There is no such evidence that a root canal treatment may cause any illness after the procedure.

How long will my Root canal treated teeth last?

In most cases, root canal treated teeth may last forever and won’t cause you problems in the future.
But in a few instances such as if you don’t take care of the treated tooth and don’t maintain your oral hygiene properly your tooth may be affected with secondary caries. This will eventually lead to loss of tooth or tooth extraction.

How will Root Canal Treatment help me?

Root canal treatment saves your tooth before the infection spreads to the bone. It’s always better to preserve the tooth rather than lose it. Alternatives such as implants and bridges are costly as compared to root canal treatment.

How long will the procedure of root canal treatment take?

The amount of time it takes to do your root canal varies depending on the number of roots that need to be cleaned.
Most teeth have one root canal, while others have between two and four. For a single canal, the procedure usually lasts less than an hour. The more canals your tooth has a longer amount of time it will take and in some cases, you will require more than one visit.

When do you need a root canal treatment?

If you experience any of the below-listed symptoms, most probably you are in need of a root canal treatment. Visit your dentist if you have any of the following symptoms:
1. Severe and persistent toothache
2. Pressure on your tooth while biting or chewing hard objects.
3. Sensitivity to hot or cold foods.
4. Blisters around the gums of your suspected tooth.
5. Darkening of your gums.
6. The toothache radiates to your jaw and neck.

Is it safe to have root canal treatment during pregnancy?

All dental treatments should be avoided during pregnancy unless it’s a dental emergency. The second trimester is usually ideal for all dental procedures if you want to get them done without risking the baby’s health. Make sure the dentist is aware of your pregnancy and you are safe to go under root canal treatment. You’ll be administered with a minimal amount of anesthesia in order to avoid any risk for a pregnant mother and her development.

Steps of Root Canal Treatment


Root Canal Treatment is  done under a local anesthetic. Your Dentist will numb your tooth and surrounding tissues. This completely blocks the tooth and jaw area and keeps you relaxed during the whole procedure.


Root canals are cleaned and the infected pulp is removed with specialized instruments. Once the pulp is removed, the canals are cleaned and filled to accurate length. This is the major step in determining the success of your treatment.


After the procedure is completed, your Dentist will prescribe you antibiotics 0r painkillers to treat discomfort.


The tooth now needs a Crown to replace the lost tooth structure. This will provide support and a complete seal on the top & your RCT is completed.

The average RCT Teeth Price.

It’s true, maintaining your teeth is not a cheap task. But a Dental RCT price is not too much. The root canal price in Karachi, Pakistan, can range from 15,000 to 40,000rs only depending on the type and intensity of the damage to your tooth or teeth.

In both cases, the cost is not something that cant be taken care of. The best part about getting your RCT if teeth charges from Zia Dental Care is that we have deals and discounts on treatments; we care about your smile. Now you can get your treatments done without caring about them being heavy on your banks.

What are the Alternatives to Root Canal Treatment

Sometimes, there are certain conditions when your tooth cannot be saved, and Root Canal Treatment is not possible.
This usually happens when your tooth is severely damaged or suffering from a gum disease that prevents your tooth from healing after treatment. In such conditions, your dentist will recommend you to have the tooth removed (Extraction).
The leftover space can later be covered with a Removable Partial Denture or an Implant.

Can I get a root canal during pregnancy?

Yes, until and unless you don’t have any significant complications. You always have the option of consulting your Doctor for a root canal.

According to the weeks, it might differ, root canal six weeks pregnant and root canal seven weeks pregnant can be different. First, ask your gynecologist, then visit your Dentist at Zia Dental Care. We have Dr. Aimen Zia, our Top Female Doctor, at your service so that you can be comfortable during the procedure.

Are there any root canal disadvantages?

No, until and unless you get it done from a Top Dentist in Karachi. Try Zia Dental Care, a name that won’t disappoint.

What are the Root Canal Filling materials?

It’s gutta-percha, an utterly safe latex, and health standards approved for your teeth.

How long does it take for Root Canal healing?

It only takes a few days for the pain to disappear. If the pain worsens and is more prolonged, then that means your Top Dentist in Karachi wasn’t the best after all. You should visit another dentist right away; if you face that kind of issue, then come to us; Zia Dental Care will take care of it.

A root canal is painful?

No, it’s not painful at all because the top dentist at Zia Dental Care ensures that your tooth’s before maintenance is done correctly to experience no pain during the procedure.

How many visits do I need?

That depends on the intensity of your root canal damage. But at Zia Dental Care, we try to take it up to the root canal one visit. It’s okay to have a root canal 2nd visit, a root canal second time, or a root canal in another tooth.

If you are ready to get rid of your root canal pain, then Book an Appointment now!

Root Canal Treatment During Pregnancy

Dental treatments during pregnancy should be done to prevent the spread of infection.

If any dental work needs to be done in pregnancy, it should ideally be done within the second trimester.

It is best to avoid any dental treatment during pregnancy unless an emergency protects the developing baby from any risk, even if minimal.Can you get a root canal treatment during pregnancy? Is it safe? It is a misconception that you cannot go for a dental X-ray when you’re expecting.

It is safe to get a Dental X-Ray while you’re pregnant because the radiations are limited to your mouth.

Make sure your Dentist is aware of your pregnancy, so they make take extra precautions.

Heavy anesthesia during pregnancy is dangerous. If your Dentist knows you are expecting, he/she may use little anesthesia to make you comfortable.

Root Canal infections can exceptionally be painful at times and counted as a Dental Emergency. It’s better not to delay this and have it as soon as you can.

Don’t worry; it is safe if your Dentist knows the situation and takes extra precautions.

So the chances of errors and complications are minimum and near to none.





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